Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Everything we do at BAQUS, is impacted by our values, ethics and culture as a responsible business with high standards of behaviour.

These provide the foundation for us as a responsible employer, with responsibilities to our Clients and the trust that they place in us.



At BAQUS we take our responsibilities seriously and aware of the impact our actions have on Stakeholders connected to our business; including our Clients, Staff, Shareholders, Communities and the wider environment. We take action which positively impacts on the Environment, Communities, Workplace and our Suppliers.

Our Chief Executive Officer Rob McNeill leads the development of CSR throughout our business and provides the framework which gives guidance on CSR, to ensure it is embraced by our Board, Management team and employees.


Our People

BAQUS is an employer of choice and provides opportunities to people based upon merit and in an environment which encourages promotion and success.

We currently have a number of staff studying for various qualifications including: degrees, professional qualifications, health and safety qualifications and marketing qualifications and other qualifications as well as younger school leavers studying National Certificates courses.

Once fully qualified, members of staff are sponsored on a programme of Continuing Professional Development for a minimum of twenty hours per year, but in practice a substantially greater amount is usually undertaken.


Equality and Diversity

As an equal opportunities employer, it is our policy to achieve a diverse workforce reflective of the areas in which we work and providing equal employment to all employees. We do not tolerate discrimination on grounds of gender, marital status, race, colour, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief.


Health & Safety

BAQUS gives highest priority to achieving and maintaining exemplar standards of Health & Safety and is accredited under the ‘CHAS’ Construction Health & Safety scheme. Our Chief Executive Officer ensures that the Board is kept fully informed and ‘buys in’ to the processes.

We take all appropriate action to comply with Health & Safety best practice and legislation with a clearly defined Health & Safety Policy relating to our operations, supported by an appointed Health & Safety manager for each office location.

We are monitored by an external Health and Safety consultant who assesses our performance.


The Environment

As professional consultants to the industry we are committed to highlighting adverse environmental practices, and promoting opportunities for environmental enhancement. This has been recognised by our attaining the coveted ISO 14001: 2004 (environmental) accreditation.

BAQUS has an established working relationship with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in taking forward sustainability “Green” Building initiatives. This work has included us preparing a complete Cost Book for the BRE’s Envest2 Environmental Assessment Software.

We are very experienced on environmental issues and have the following examples:

  • Working on one of the first ‘carbon neutral’ hotels in the UK
  • Feasibility Studies and review of design options for the complete refurbishment of a complex of Grade I Listed Government buildings in and around Whitehall
  • Project Management for one of the first major housing scheme in the UK using “Passivhaus” principles for energy use and carbon emissions reduction


Our Environmental Policy can be downloaded from the Environmental section on the left of this page.


The Community

All of the BAQUS team are committed to making a positive contribution to the community. It is a high priority across the Development schemes we are involved with that we maintain good relationships with the local community. We achieve this by adopting initiatives such as developing and using a Communications Plan, Local Employment and Work Experience Schemes and attending Community Liaison group meetings.

We enthusiastically support colleagues and others in their participation in charity events, as well as our Clients’ charity raising initiatives.

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