Looking for a quick appointment route?

You could quickly appoint the Baqus team on any of your upcoming projects through the following frameworks.


NHS Shared Business Solutions (National)

BAQUS’s specialist Healthcare team were excited to secure a place on the NHS SBS framework earlier this year. Our Healthcare team have a vast range of experience in the Healthcare Sector ranging from Hospitals, Doctor’s Surgeries, CCG’s, Extra Care facilities and Carehomes.

The NHS SBS Framework is not restricted to just Healthcare Projects, it is open to any Public sector authorities including Local Councils, Further Education, Universities, Academies, Housing Associations, Museums, Blue Light Services and Prisons. BAQUS have experience working with Clients across all these sectors.

You can directly appoint through this framework without the hassle of OJEU notices to fast track cost savings and contract flexibility.  BAQUS are on the following lots:-

Lot 2 – Project Management

Lot 4 – Quantity Surveying

Lot 7 – Building Surveying

Further information about the Framework can be found at


NHS Commercial Solutions (National)

Another Healthcare Framework which we have been actively working on for the past 3 years is the NHS Commercial Solution Framework.

The services our team can provide through this framework are Project Management (Lot 1), Building Surveying (Lot 3), Quantity Surveying (Lot 4) and CDM (Lot 7) services. Using this framework as a way of appointing BAQUS has proven popular with our Clients. For example over the past 3 years BAQUS have worked with Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust on a number of schemes over their 3 hospital sites.

If you are interested in using our NHS frameworks for your next Healthcare Scheme, please contact Adam Finch (01243 792 220) who will be able to guide you how to make a direct appointment to get your next project off to a flying start. Alternatively, you can visit their website at


West Works Housing (National)

Do you have a residential project coming up? BAQUS are currently active on the WestWorks Framework as Employer’s Agent for Traditional and Modern Methods of Construction. With plenty of residential experience across the board from flats to phased housing schemes, BAQUS are the perfect EA’s to manage your project.

Lot 3 - Employer’s Agent – Traditional

Lot 4 - Employer’s Agent – MMC

For further information on how to appoint us through this Framework, please contact Andy Welch on 020 7831 1283, alternatively you can contact Westworks, further information can be found at


SCAPE Tier One Supplier (National)

BAQUS are part of the Perfect Circle Tier One Supply Chain. Through this framework we can provide our Client’s with Project Management and Quantity Surveying services. Over many years our offices have worked in a variety of Sectors including Education, Healthcare and Commercial for a mixture of Clients including Healthcare Trusts and Local Authority Clients.

If you are interested in using us via SCAPE for your upcoming scheme, please contact Andy Welch on 020 7831 1283 who will be able to assist you with your query.


Southampton University (Bespoke)

Lot 5 – Project Management incl Building Surveying under £5m

BAQUS have been working with the University of Southampton for the past five years completing over 84 projects. We have provided Project Management and Building Surveying Services through the frameworks working with the University on a variety of projects including re-roofing works, space moves and relocation/refurbishment projects.


Sanctuary Housing (Bespoke)

BAQUS were recently appointed onto this Framework at the beginning of 2018 to provide Employer’s Agent Services on Residential and Extra Care Sectors. The lots which we can provide the service on are:

South West 
Lot 22 £2,500,000 - £7,500,000  
Lot 24 £12,500,000 – £25,000,000 
Lot 25 £25,000,000 +

South East and London
Lot 27 £2,500,000 - £7,500,000
Lot 29 £12,500,000 – £25,000,000


Merlin Entertainments (Bespoke)

Our specialist Hospitality and Leisure team have been providing Merlin with Quantity Surveying Services for the past 10 years on their exciting new attractions. We look forward to working with Merlin for many more years to come!

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