Our People

Our business is our people and we are very proud of the relationships they build and the quality of service they deliver.

In providing a multi-disciplined service, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to find, develop, motivate and nurture the finest caliber of people at all levels, so that our business works in complete harmony in delivering our services.In bringing together the parts of our Group, we have been able to find the correct balance of history and culture to underpin our Group approach.

We enjoy exceptional levels of staff loyalty and this is apparent in the services that we provide; all with professionalism, enthusiasm, skill and integrity.

Market Expertise

Understanding your marketplace and Clients is vital to any successful practice and part of our success is achieved by working really hard at getting to know our Clients and turning them into lifelong Clients and personal friends of our business. In support of this we undertake Customer Satisfaction surveys so that we can turn learning expertise into practice.

To maintain the health of our business we seek to work for a blend of both Private and Public Sector organisations and have an enviable track record of working within the Arts/Leisure/Sports, Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Heritage/Conservation, Hotel/Hospitality, Residential and Transport sectors.

Professional Efficient Approach

We are regulated by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) which means we belong to an organisation representing 100,000 qualified members across 140 countries throughout the world; giving us access to a vast amount of experience and information.

Every Client and commission is important to us and thus we allocate a Key Account Manager to every Client to maintain a consistent approach to our service that someone is always available for personal contact. With over 300 years of combined experience, we have developed efficiencies which mean you avoid costly mistakes.

We are accredited to ISO 19001, which provides a Quality Assurance framework to ensure we are compliant.

Proven Track Record

BAQUS brings together under one umbrella, a group of individual Surveying based businesses who are experienced in every sector of the Construction industry; with roots back to the 19th Century.

By harnessing the knowledge contained within these businesses we have propelled ourselves to the 'cutting edge' of our profession; becoming award-winning, forward looking and constantly driving for Continuous Improvement and success.

National Coverage

In building our Group of companies we have established ourselves with true national identity, coverage and capability, so that we are aware of local success.

Commercial Awareness

We understand our Clients have a need to know that they have the right commercial agreement, which represents a balance of price, quality and performance.

Collaborative Approach

BAQUS is committed to working and engaging with all stakeholders to form a truly 'collaborative project team'. We see our role as effectively managing our service and that of colleague firm's, maximizing innovation, securing the best service for our Clients and delivering excellent buildings that truly work well.

Innovation in Practice

We support and are driven by innovation, resulting in us continually identifying solutions that provide Added Value and benefit to Our Clients. Our Clients like the fact that we constantly challenge the current status and this is acknowledged by the significant number of retained Clients and the resultant repeat business within our portfolio.

Socially Responsible

We recognise our responsibilities to all our Stakeholders, including Clients, Staff, Communities, Investors and the wider environment.

Our commitment to our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and strategy is an integral part of the success of our company.

Green Solutions

From the commencement of our business we have had great regard for the protection of the environment by promoting sustainable solutions. We want to maintain a healthy environment not only for today but for future generations and employ experienced Chartered Environmentalists to make sure we play our part.

We pride ourselves on our ability to explore alternatives and have represented our profession in the global promotion of sustainability issues by harnessing new technology by successfully completing a variety of sustainability demonstration projects such as:

Cedar Close, Emsworth (Case Study - Residential)
Portsmouth International Port (Case Study - Transport)

Strategic Thinking

We strategically plan for the longer term horizon and set our 'direction of travel' by using selective research from our own Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, supplemented by our own experiences and research.

We are able to filter this information and use it to advise our Clients of where the market is changing and moving towards and couple this with sound advice on costs, contract procedures and investment technology.

We have long understood that future efficiencies will be driven by Information Technology and have a 30 year record of IT investment.

We continue to invest in the development of our people, in order that they use technology to the fullest extent in responding to Clients needs.

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