Deal Pier Café, Kent


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Dover District Council

A new-look RIBA award winning café-bar for Deal Pier built as part of a £1.35m transformation for the landmark.

The building features timber frames, edge walls made of glass and a range of environmentally-friendly features.

It was designed by architects Niall McLaughlin and construction was carried out by Dover-based Barwick Construction.

The previous structure was constructed in ferrous materials. For a structure under long-term exposure to a highly corrosive environment, this was not ideal.

The pier is generally 7m above sea level, but wave spray frequently breaks over the deck, especially during storms.

For the new building, the aim was to find a construction material whose intrinsic properties were naturally suited to this environment. Iroko, a highly durable timber that could be left untreated and exposed, was chosen as the primary building material.