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18th December 2017 | Posted in: Baqus News

Back in October 2017... The ODQ reappeared for the Dancing Season. Setting a more challenging competition, the ODQ introduced as many rules as possible, to try and keep the BAQUS ladies away from his crown! This year the ODQ took on 7 of BAQUS’s strictly fans; Viv, Alison, Belinda, Karen, Margi, Julie and Charlotte.

The competition began with the predictions of the final 3 and overall winner along with the number of 10’s awarded for the whole series! Each week we had to predict who will be in the dance off (5 points for each correct) alongside who will leave (10 points) meaning up to a maximum of 20 points each week.

With the shock elimination of Aston in week 6, the ODQ kindly let us pick another finalist as 7/8 of us had predicted him to be in the final (including the ODQ!).

Somehow, keeping a steady score of 15 across the first 8 weeks, the ODQ started to panic when Viv, Belinda and Charlotte caught up on week 11 scoring a maximum 20 points while he scored 0.

The top 3 on the BAQUS leaderboard at the end of week 11 were The ODQ with 125 points, Charlotte with 115 points and Julie with 110 points.

With the final looming, the ODQ yet again introduced more rules to try and use to his advantage to keep his reign as the ODQ… Mega points were up for grabs as he asked us for our predictions on the following:-
Judges Winner (Additional 30 points)
Public Winner (Additional 30 points)
Number of 10’s on the Final Night (Additional 10 points, 5 awarded to closet if not spot on!

With Viv, Charlotte, Alison, Margi and Julie choosing their Public Winner as Joe they immediately scored 30 points taking some of them ahead of the ODQ who predicted Debbie! The ODQ scored 30 points predicting Alexandra as the Judges winner as did Viv, Charlotte, Alison, Julie and Belinda. The ODQ’s attempt to score another 70 points went to pot with him scoring only 30…

So the results are in….This year the ODQ has had his crown knocked off by Viv Slater and Charlotte Ridgwell who both scored 175 points. They are now to be referred to as the NDQ’s (New Dancing Queens).

Seeing as the ODQ has been knocked off his throne the NDQ’s have decided to honour Rob the ODD title (Old Dancing Dame). This will make next year’s competition even more exciting with the ODD trying to claim his ODQ title back! The girls are looking forward to it already!

The BAQUS ladies would like to thank Rob for arranging another exciting competition which has filled Monday mornings with laughter and fun leading up to the Christmas Break.

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