Construction Begins at New Park Centre, Chichester

17th October 2011 | Posted in: Arts, Leisure & Sports, Project Management, Quantity Surveying, Baqus News

Following positive negotiations and fundraising BAQUS Construction Consultancy is pleased to announce that Construction has begun at the renowned New Park Centre in Chichester, West Sussex.

BAQUS has a great deal of experience in new build and refurbishment projects and has been involved with the scheme from the early stages acting as Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors.

The New Park Centre is currently used by over 60 local groups, including the much loved Chichester Cinema at New Park.  On average over 2,250 people use the facilities each week and the Board now wishes to improve and upgrade the facilities to meet the needs of existing groups and provide additional, affordable, flexible space to enable more voluntary and community groups to offer a wider range of services and activities at New Park Centre. Once the whole project is complete it is estimated that over 100 groups will use the Centre with an average attendance of some 3,000 people per week. 

The project will see the complete refurbishment of the Victorian building and a new building to replace the dilapidated single-storey building immediately to the north. The new facilities have been designed to complement the surrounding townscape and open parkland. Emphasis has been placed on the building’s “green credentials” to minimise running costs and set an example. The development will be phased in a way to allow the Centre’s continued operation whilst the building works are undertaken.

Phase 1 of the project will see the dilapidated single-story structure adjacent to the Old Victorian School demolished and replaced with a completely new building, incorporating a multi-use Dojo, with showers, changing and toilet facilities, and a replacement for the Hall Next Door. The current sports hall will then be refurbished to provide two flexible multi-use community rooms. New Park Centre will remain operational during the construction period and temporary, alternative accommodation has been secured for any groups who have been displaced due to the building works.

Michael Foyle, Chairman of New Park Centre and Arts Association said, “It is immensely rewarding after so many years to see the development project at New Park Centre finally get underway.  To raise well over £2 million, particularly in the current economic climate, is a great achievement for a small organisation. We could not have done it alone and we are extremely grateful for help and encouragement from Chichester District Council, Sport England, The Woodger Trust and numerous other Trusts, Foundations, professionals and individuals who have contributed time and money to the project. We can look forward to a wider range of sport, fitness and many other community activities taking place at New Park Centre in the future.”  

The new Dojo will make it possible to expand activities significantly, and will enable New Park martial arts groups for the first time to host regional training sessions and competitions.  An extended range of outreach activities is also under development to ensure the widest benefit is derived from this excellent new facility.

The replacement for the Hall Next Door will be ideal for events, parties and functions in addition to serving as home to many arts and cultural activities. The modern design, linking the building with the new Walls walk and giving direct access to a patio area with views across the park will, New Park Centre Trustees believe, considerably enhance the appeal of this part of the city.

For more information please contact Rob Owen: 01243 792 220


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