Hotels & Hospitality

Premier Inn, Isle of Wight

BAQUS understands that the design and construction of hotels present a number of complex issues.

In recent years hotels have been increasingly under pressure to reduce carbon emissions and become more energy efficient. At a time when customers are better informed and more environmentally conscious than ever, responsible use of resources will enable a hotel to build an enhanced reputation whilst optimising running costs. Generally, the higher the standard of the hotel, the more facilities it offers and these must be consistent with the hotel's distinct character.

Each project involves a team of highly experienced professionals who work with the client and the design team early in the process, showing clients ways in which to make their building's entire lifecycle more sustainable.

BAQUS has particular expertise of roll out programmes for major national and international hotel restaurant and bar chains. The firm is experienced in delivering Brand Standards whilst meeting tight budgets. We also have experience of batched procurement, innovation, elements of off-site manufacture fast-track outcomes etc.