CDM Consultancy

Nower Hill High School, Harrow

BAQUS brings the role of CDM Advisor (under CDM2015) to our established professional approach to replace the previous CDMC role. We have a realistic appreciation of clients' requirements and offer practical solutions to the issues involved. BAQUS can also provide the roles of Principal Designer Advisor and Principal Designer.


CDM Advisor to Clients

BAQUS has many years experience working with the CDM Regulations from when they were first introduced in 1995, through the subsequent 2007 changes, right through to CDM 2015 today.

The BAQUS team includes experienced CDM Coordinators who have worked as part of project teams and are now offering the following CDM Advisory services to our Clients.

We can provide advice and assistance to Clients to help them comply with their duties, in particular:

Their duty to appoint designers and contractors with the skills knowledge and experience in respect of Health and Safety and their duty to ensure that adequate arrangements are in place for managing and organising the project.

Their duty to ensure that adequate arrangements are in place for managing and organising the project

  • We can notify the project to the HSE (where applicable) on the client’s behalf.
  • We can provide information to designers and contractors by identifying and collating pre-construction information and advise the client if surveys need to be commissioned to fill significant gaps.  We can assist with commissioning such surveys.
  • We can advise the client on the suitability of the initial construction phase plan and  welfare arrangements


Principal Designer Advisor

BAQUS provides advice and assistance to Principal Designers to help them comply with their duties, in particular:

Assisting the Principal Designer with obtaining and distributing the pre-construction information.

Liaising with the principal contractor for the duration of the Principal Designer’s appointment and sharing with the Principal Contractor information relevant to the planning, management and monitoring of the construction phase and the coordination of health and safety matters during the construction phase.

Liaising with the other designers on the project to ensure health and safety/CDM is properly considered (Reg 9).

Helping to plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase and coordinate matters relating to health & safety during the pre-construction phase to ensure that, so far as is reasonable practicable, the Project is carried out without risks to health or safety.

When design, technical and organisational aspects are being decided in order to plan the various items or stages of work which are to take place simultaneously or in succession; and Estimating the period of time required to complete such work stages, take into account the general principals of prevention and, where relevant, the content of any construction phase plan and any health and safety file

Provide assistance and advice to the PD in identifying, eliminating or controlling, so far as reasonably practicable, foreseeable risks to the health and safety of any person-

Carrying out or liable to be affected by construction work
Maintaining or cleaning structure; or
Using a structure designed as a workplace.

During the pre-construction phase commence preparation of the health and safety file, appropriate to the characteristics of the Project which must contain information relating to the Project which is likely to be needed during any subsequent project to ensure the health and safety of any person.